We are back with a gorgeous episode, Angie tells a monster of a conversion story and sings a song about it as well!!!! starts at about the 30min mark. enjoy this great episode.

Jordon Dixon back on the scean, we talk about Australia, tide pod challenge and more.

Mark Noble is back, talking about loving everyone and Christmas

Episode sixty in the house, Cody is here with camels, lamas and eyeballs oh my, we get on track, but it was a fun time, Enjoy.

Were back after a year and a half break, Talking with Richard Haynes about all kinds of stuff, mark of the beast evolution and more.

Welcome back lovely people, we got another YSA one for yah, Jordan Gardiner & Racheal Sackett are with us to share stories and thoughts on church life, things for sure go off the rails, hang in thou it's good.

Here it is, the Jordan Dixon mission episode, we wounder into the outback (hahahahaha) a bit but it's a lot of fun please enjoy.

We are talking Motherhood and the attack that seems to be happening to it. Also of course some random stuff comes up.

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